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Made Locally Right Here In Atlanta

Its time to support our local Handcrafted Sauce.  We produce hand-made, locally crafted Hot Sauce. Our Hot Sauce serves all areas of town in Atlanta and elsewhere.  We are featured around the Atlanta at the Downtown Hyatt Hotel, Sevananda Natural Foods Market, Bennett's Market & Deli and ICG America-Amazing Hot Sauce Club.   If handcrafted hot sauce is your thing we are the hot sauce for you.  Thanks for supporting our local Brand.

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Retail Partners

#1 Partner-Sevananda Natural Food Market

Here Here Market,Three Rivers Market, Bennett's Market & Deli, ICG America-Hot Sauce Club, Bubble Goods, Walmart.com, Amazon.com and Storesgo.com

  • We have our Own Sandwich

    We have partnered with Bennett's Market & Deli to create the "Tony Bennett Breakfast Sandwich"

  • A Fan Favorite

    We hand make every single bottle for our customers. We offer a completely different taste from the same old hot sauce.

  • In Local Bar and Grills

    Find Tony's Hot Sauce in local bars throughout Atlanta Georgia like the Hyatt Hotel located in Downtown Atlanta.

  • Corporate Community Partners

    We had the distinct pleasure of working with the Baltimore Ravens as a Hot Sauce vendor for their community event.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yuheim Johnson
All natural heat!

I was in town for a training and I stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. I went to dinner in the restaurant that night and asked the waiter for hot sauce. I was expecting the same sauce that most carry but she brought me a bottle of Tony”s Hot Sauce. AMAZING! The taste, the peppers, the mild nice lingering heat was something I never experienced before. This sauce is immaculate! The consistency is nice and you are able to see the peppers and the spices throughout the sauce! I am disappointed that I ca t purchase this at my local grocery in Texas, but you best belive you have a new customer going forward.

Patty Pflum
The best!

I have sampled a few hot sauces and don't like most of them, but I love Tony's hot sauce #1. Bought the whole line and am looking forward to sampling the hotter variaties. May favorite way to use it is be smashing a ripe avocado, adding a few drops of Tony's hot sauce and 1/4 teaspoon of Creole seasoning. Mix is up use it to make avocado toast.

Nancy Sanabria
There's just something different about this one

I'm not a big hot sauce fan. My husband loves Tabasco, my daughter loved goguchang, but I'm not really into it. I decided to try Tony's hot sauce and I love it so much! There's just something different in the recipe...It's really flavorful. Now, I've been sticking with the orginal which is plenty spicy for me, but for those a little more daring should tackle the others! Also, I ordered 4 bottles and it came so beautifully packaged! All for me, but would make a great gift!

I didn't even like hot sauce until Tonys!!

The best tasting hot sauce you'll ever try!! Nothing compares to it. I took it to work and got everyone hooked on it lol Trust me you won't be disappointed!! I put it on EVERYTHING! And with the different sizes I can have a big one at home and the cute small one in my purse!